Model of Citizen Charter

A Model Citizen Charter has been setup for the convenience of General Public.


(i)  Birth & Death/ Merriage Registration

a) Registration from 1 to 21 days  after birth/death Free in Municipal Council Office


Registration from 21 to 30 days  after birth/death Late Rs.1/- in Municipal Council Office


Registration from 1month to 1 Years  after birth/death Late feeRs.3/-with an affidavit of Rs 3/- in Municipal Council Office.


Registration After 1 Year After Birth /Death Late fee Rs. 5/- with Ist class Magistrate order on stamp paper worth Rs. 3/- in Municipal Council Office.


Merriage Registration within 90 days Collection of Registration fee Rs 5/- with in
One month, Rs. 10/-after one month up to
Three month and Rs. 50/- after three month.

(ii) Property Tax

a) Step -1 Assessment of property for imposition of tax.


Step -2 Raise objection call notice to property owner.


Step -3 Rraise tax bill to property owner.


Step -4 Deposit tax by cash or cheque.


Step -5 Raise recovery Notice for collection of tax.

(iii) Map approval/Building Plan

a) Step -1 Receipt of Building Map with application form & prescribed
fee along with ownership documents


Step -2 Report of Technical wing.


Step -3 Put up in General house of Municipality for approval.


Step -3 Communication of approval to the applicant.

(iv) Issuance of License

a) Step -1 Collection of application from street vendors.
b) Step -2 Oral instruction to get license from Municipal Council office.
c) Step -3 Issue the movable rehri license to applicant

General Information:i) Annual rateable Value is detrmined and finalized after service of proposed assessment notice to the individual owners/occupiers.
ii) Public Notice is also given to the assessee before adopting the
assessment list for the next year.
iii) The Assessment at liberty to file an objection with the Municipalty
against proposed assessment notice within one month.
iv) Every objection against assessment or Amendment of assessment is
heard after affording reasonable opportunities of being heard.

(vi) Water billing
is not Applicable.

(vii) Rent Lease Shop/Stalls

a)Step -1 Publication for open auction.

b) Step -2 After the auction highest bidder made agreement for eleven month on stamp Paper of Rs.5/- .